May 4, 2019


An operating system for those in the global south and rural communities with low technological literacy, limited access to power, and connectivity.

Meet Mario

Mario is a farmer in the Dominican Republic he recently obtained an older smartphone from a local NGO. Learning to operate the phone took some time as the icons were unfamiliar and the phone didn’t support his native dialect. additionally because of local infrastructure constraints he only has access to wifi for 3 hours a day.


  • Users in the emerging world are more frequent users of social networks
  • In the past 10 years Africa and South East Asia have seen a vast increase in percentage of online people per capita.
  • World Bank estimates the number of unbanked people dropped by 20% from 2011 to 2014 in large part due to mobile money platforms like M-Pesa
  • Median mobile phone user in Africa spends more than 15% of his or her monthly income on their phone bill and another 20% on power


An operating system for those in the global south and rural communities with low literacy, low technological literacy with limited access to power, and connectivity. 

Design Principles

  1. Universal
  2. High Contrast
  3. Offline
  4. Flat Structure
  5. Consistency
  6. Efficiency

OS Applications

Home App

We design this home screen based on our principles creating a design that is minimalist but has icons that are identifiable to someone who may not be as technologically literate. Additionally the use of block buttons is meant to add more ease of use to our system. 

Phone App

For the dialer screen, we added shortcuts such as “Mom” to minimize the steps users need to make a phone call. For contacts, we added a slider on top so users can find targeted contacts in a short amount of time. We also added the message and call shortcuts to increase efficiency. 

Calculator App

We are proud of the taste of design. The analog screen is very familiar to our users. Function keys are in different colors to catch more attention.

Health App

We mainly focused on educating and making health resources more accessible for users. In addition to graphs and health data, we added the discover feature to provide training videos, health recipes, and articles for users. It also has a chat function where users are directly communicate with a medical professional when needed.

Music App

The music player uses a wave form scrubbing interaction so that users can precisely find a point in a song with accuracy. Radio tab is for local FM/AM stations. Users can save favorite stations or scroll between them using the same scrubbing metaphor as the music player screen.

Clock App

We integrate a map into the world map page, which makes the world clock clearer than ever. Users can understand the time difference just at a glance.