September 8, 2018


A concept Soccer App for ESFNA (Ethiopian Sport Federation in North America) that has over 30k attendees from all around the U.S and the world.

The Problem

Every summer Ethiopians gather around for one full week to celebrate unity and culture while enjoying a soccer tournament along with other fun activities. This event is organized by Ethiopian Sport Federation in North America (ESFNA), which has over 30,000 attendees from all around the U.S and the world. In particular, this project focuses on designing a mobile application that can provide attendees, vendors and the organization a leading user experience.

I was able to interview 10 attendees (different age groups) at the ESFNA 2017 event. The objective of the interview was to deeply understand users’ current problems and system changes that are needed from ESFNA. All Interviewees have been participating for the past 5 years and were able to give me an insight on users’ behaviors, user problems and points of weaknesses in the current system.

I was able to deliver a deep understanding of problems users are having and have narrowed it down to these 3 main problems:

1.    Information inaccessibility: Information about the event is not easily accessible on ESFNA website or there’s information missing. Although ESFNA website has some missing information, it also has most of the information users are seeking for. But due to its information architecture, usability, updatability and poor User Experience, users are having difficult time when accessing this important information. Some of the information attendees are mainly seeking for include:

  • Event Location
  • Hotel Discounts
  • Play Off times and Clubs Standing
  • And list of Artists performing at this event

2.    Communication: ESFNA uses of communication is inefficient. Currently ESFNA heavily uses social media to advertise the event. But users are not able get further details about what the organization is doing on a particular issue and also don’t have access to a detailed news that the organization want to communicate.

3.    Event Access: ESFNA requires only a physical copy ticket to get access to the event and that’s strictly sold at the stadium gates. Attendees are reporting that the line to buy ticket is tirelessly long and wouldn’t prefer to wait outside in a hot summer weather.

Overall, the interview helped me understand user’s problems and behaviors in detail and validated that information transparency between ESFNA and its attendees should exist. The mobile application will focus on designing a solution that will address these user problems and in return help the organization itself by increasing the number of attendees and attracting more vendors.

The Solution

A mobile application that can effectively solve these problems. Staring off from the Home tab users can get information on:

  • An ad video that gives detail about the event
  • Performing Artists
  • News Update
  • Additionally, users can get info on hotel discounts

On the Soccer tab users can get informative information on:

  • Game schedule: providing them with teams playing and kick off times for different dates
  • Teams standing: provides teams standing for both divisions, making it easier to track which team is leading the tournament.  

Digital ticketing tab: Lastly, users are able to purchase weekly or daily ticket right in the app and use that to get access. This ultimately removes the long line at the entrance and also reduces the frustration when handling money.  

This solution will allow the community to have an impact on the decision-making process by making information transparent between ESFNA and its users while providing a leading user experience. Information transparency will allow users to understand the decision- making process and also see how money is managed by the organization.