September 8, 2018


A concept Soccer App for ESFNA (Ethiopian Sport Federation in North America) that has over 30k attendees from all around the U.S and the world. Every summer people gather around for one full week to celebrate unity and culture, while enjoying a soccer tournament along with other fun activities.

The Problem

After experiencing this beautiful one-week event every summer for the past 3 years, I noticed lots of UX issues. I interviewed attendees to dig deeper on issues they find most controversial at the event and found these two issues to stand out the most:      

           · No easily accessible information about the event, such as Playoff times, Clubs standings, Artists line up, and esfna News updates

           · Requirement of only a physical copy of ticket to attend the event and that’s strictly sold at the stadium gates

The Solution

An app that can effectively solve this problem. Staring off from the Home tab users can get information on:

           · The ad video that talks about the event

           · Performing Artist

           · News Update

           · Additionally, users can get info on hotel discounts

On the Soccer tab users can get informative information on:

           · Game schedule: providing them with teams playing and kick off times for different dates

           · Teams standing: provides teams standing for both divisions, making it easier to track which team is leading the tournament.  

Digital ticketing tab: Lastly, users are able to purchase weekly or daily ticket right in the app and use that to get access. This ultimately removes the long line at the entrance and reduces the frustration when handling money.