Jan 13 2019
1 mon


Live App

The problem

The creation of this web app in this space is to simply address the inaccessibility of colleges information and to present it with easy to use elements that make the UX more intuitive than what we experience on the web today. Tailored for :

The solution

This app allows users to discover schools from the Search page in multiple different ways

Users can discover schools this way whether or not they have created an account. A user can create an account using the Sign In page, where they can enter their name, email, and a password to be able to create a new account. Once an account has been made, the user can sign in or out using this login information whenever they want. Once logged in, a user has the ability to add and remove a college to their favorites list directly from viewing that college's card and clicking on the Favorite or Dlete button on the bottom of the card. Additionally, upon logging out and back in, user's preferred tuition value is saved in the side bar of the search page.

Designed in XD developed in React.